New Documentary Film, “Famous Families of Sandalwood Mountain” to be released worldwide

In 2008, the Hawaii documentary film Finding Sandalwood Mountain was immensely popular. It is perhaps the only living testament and keepsake alive to explain to modern generations of Chinese in Hawaii the contributions made by their ancestors to Hawaii and China.

Finding Sandalwood Mountain profiles the history of the Chinese settlers here in Hawaii. Members of prominent Chinese societies and families were featured and or interviewed. Yet only a few of Hawaii’s most significantly verifiable and historically unique or special Chinese contributors to Hawaii’s rich history were profiled. They mostly were Chun Ah Fong (Hawaii’s first successful Chinese Businessman) Dr. Sun Yat Sen (the founder of Modern China) and Hiram Fong (the first U.S. Asian Senator).

Yet literally hundreds of significant Chinese individuals throughout Hawaii’s history have made very important contributions to Hawaii and to the original homeland back in China. Today, Hawaii enjoys a very unique and special relationship with China that includes many exchange programs and numerous contributions to China from Hawaii. Many families have sought to or have already undertaken publishing books to profile their own family’s contribution in Hawaii and China. There are still many valuable stories to tell. The producer has decided to open up the film and allow more Hawaii Chinese families and Societies to participate and tell their own story about what they have contributed to Hawaii and the homeland back in China. If you have such a story to tell that you want the world to know about, the Producer is willing to consider including you in a customized version of the film designed just for your family or society. The new films will be called Famous Families of Sandalwood Mountain. The custom versions of the film will be released in both English and Chinese and will be distributed worldwide. This opportunity can only be made available to a limited amount of families or societies.

Interested parties can contact A2Media Producer Greg Andermann at (808) 927-7850 or by email at